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photo of outer space

Cloud Based VOIP Communications

Our customers enjoy the power and flexibility provided by our full feature UCaaS platform offering the best products and services in the industry such as Cloud PBX, SMS, Chat, Video Conferencing, Screen Share and Mobility features. Our infrastructure is geo-diverse with active-active redundancy and each extension is dual-registered. We have two physical data centers in NJ and FL and two cloud hubs in Virginia and Iowa: Virginia built in Google Cloud & Iowa in AWS .

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Our team has an extensive track record of managing highly technical projects through all lifecycle stages across a host of IT environments. We focus on aligning project delivery with each client’s strategic goals, identify and track performance on key milestones, eliminate data silos, facilitate cross-functional project team communications and effectively manage data.

A better way to manage your projects!

Manage your projects on time and on budget.

We implement projects in accordance to PMI Project Management Cycle.

Smart Cities Projects

The concept of “smart cities”, which can help stimulate inclusive growth, promote social inclusion, decrease traffic congestion, combat crimes, improve resilience during natural disasters and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has a potential as a solution to urban problems both in developing and developed countries.

Our team has assisted local cites in the information processes and certification of their Smart City project. Let us help you with your certification initiative.

Smart city lifecycle, Governance, Monitoring, Modeling

A smart community is simply that: a community in which government, business, and residents understand the potential of information technology and make a conscious decision to use that technology to transform life and work in their region in significant and positive ways.”

The Smart City Strategy Lifecycle

The evolution of smart city projects requires an overall smart city strategy that needs to be managed. The smart city strategy does not have a conclusion, but it evolves continuously based on achievements, issues, and new city needs. Therefore, it is important to see smart city strategies with a lifecycle approach. The smart city lifecycle can be structured in key 5 phases as shown.

Our Managed Multilayered Security offering features patented technology that manages, detects and responds to ongoing cybersecurity threats. We protect against data breaches by leveraging our technology and highly trained 24/7, U.S.-based security experts who monitor your network around the clock and in real-time.

Our technology, in combination with our SOC, eliminates labor intensive log analysis and alert fatigue allowing your IT resources to focus on your actual business needs.

Managed Detection and Response