R&D Systems Group, Inc. provides a full-range of options for business solutions.

Our products improve customer's performance as we apply the latest technology to help our customers get working quickly and accurately. R&D supports its products through direct sales, providing consulting services and support to our customers.

The following systems tools and software along with its experienced staff are what make R&D Systems the best choice for the conversion, implementation and modification of your institution's mainframe and LAN based Applications


Onegate ProPalms OneGate brings together the performance, management and functionality required for enterprise remote access and reduces costs traditionally associated with other VPN solutions due to the simplicity and ease of use of our solution united with our low license costs.


smartVTL Cloud based solution designed by our President Domingo A. Garcia, very cost efficient Cloud-Solution monitored by R&D Systems Group, Inc. Further details will be mentioned upon request.
Birch Cbeyond can help you transition your business to the cloud to free up your budget for other business priorities and make monthly expenses affordable and predictable. Our cloud service experts can move your applications and data to our cloud data center over our secure network. Our network and cloud data center are continuously monitored and have up-to-date protection to safeguard against ever-emerging threats.


CLOUDJACKET CloudJacket is a holistic, bullet-proof security strategy that deploys sophisticated, patented technology across the full spectrum of security vulnerabilities. This high-performance, high-intelligence solution has proven, consistently and repeatedly, its ability to detect the new unknown threats, and eliminate them.


VOiP Voice over IP (VoIP) and Call Center. Our cloud based PBX provides an enterprise communications supporting increased productivity and competitiveness. With Enterprise class phone system, eliminiates the cost of expensive on-premise hardware, connects multiple offices and mobile devices and advanced call routing and easy to use administration.


SmartDisk SmartDisk Storage Systems delivers modular SAN FLASH Storage Array that expands the limitations of many of today’s current storage solutions. Providing flexibility and cost effective utilization of the customers current and future storage infrastructure whether it be Fibre Channel, iSCSI, or 6 GB SAS. This storage system provides Ultra Fast performance at a reasonable cost. The unit can be added to your existing SAN infrastructure to boost the performance of all your servers. With support for Intel and Unix based systems this storage can provide the higher I/O performance needed to manage today’s escalation data processing needs. This unit can provide up to 21TB of SSD storage in a single box. Click here for more information
Datacore SANsymphony™-V is DataCore’s flagship 9th generation storage virtualization solution. In use at over 10,000+ customer sites, it maximizes IT infrastructure performance, availability and utilization by virtualizing storage hardware


PURE STORAGE The All-Flash Enterprise Array for less than the cost of spinning disk. Accelerate Databases and Applications. Virtualize and Consolidate Workloads. Deliver the Ultimate Virtual Desktop Experience. Protect and Recover Vital Data Assets.